Welcoming April!

Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce that my Blog Section is up and running!

I decided to start blogging from this month onwards!

and my first blog post has to be on an absolutely beautiful Pre Wedding Session that I did with my long lost friend Angelene who was my Year 1 classmate! I just received some of the lovely photographs yesterday and I love them so much!

The Shoot was Helmed by Reknowned Photography Ms Skyy Woo. I had been a fan of hers for the longest time. The session was so much fun and romantic in such a pretty way.


I will like to share these 3 sneak peak!




Cynthia Oh



angelene 1angelene 3angelene 2

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The First Post

Hello Everyone!

I finally got my blog up and running!

Thank You for all your support all these years!

and from this year onwards I will be blogging here!

Look forward to my posts!




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